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sudo apt-get install python-mutagen
find . -name "*mp3" -print0 | xargs -0 mid3iconv -e cp1253 -d

Αλλου ...
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If you are a software developer and thinking about choosing a version/source control system, stay away from SVN.the reason : You will find easier writing software than controlling SVN.. I mean it is one of these things that you cannot learn enough to do simple things and not have problems. If you a...
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Ok , this is a bug I ve been struggling long time to solve. My red5 server was getting about 5(!) minutes to start on my live virtual server.On home it takes about 15-20 seconds.So as java is a very advanced language and when you make a change in your code you have to restart the whole universe, th...
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Forget all the rest.I did not know then or I have not figured .use CDATA declarations if you want to include html in xml.Its so simple..On of the most common things xml is used today is in ajax. Ajax is a method to make a request to an http server through javascript and stands for Asychronous Javasc...
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Problem:Copied an eclipse workspace folder into a new linux system.All projects are svn working copies.Eclipse does not realize this , and you are not presented with the projects in the synchronize tab.Solution, cause: When I originally checked out the projects I checked them out from a url that I p...
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Some hours ago i sent this email to mod_python mailing list (= various crazy people that develop in mod_python) .Hello to all.I am very pleased to announce the first release of MADPY, a cms built on mod_python , under an open source license (bsd) .It was just released today so there is not so much ...
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Internet explorer 6 and it's previous versions is probably the most hated program amongst developers out there. It surely has doubled our work . As for users it is curious to watch this strange addiction that everyday users feel for IE. Microsoft's politics for this program is a very good reason for...
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If you have visited a blog in kaotonik before, you may have noticed , that few days ago, a read more link was added at the bottom of every blog item , and the the item showed clipped.This is the 'read more' functionality I had been planning to add.But as I am lazy programmer Ι ended up with very gyp...
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Since image files are served from the python handlers in madpy (notice that img src is in the form /somepath/path/image or /somepath/path/thumbnail and so on..) , I needed a way to view their http headers. I tried (and maybe still trying) to debug , caching , last-modified http header e.t.c. I ...
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Of course there are numerous programs that adjust time on subtitle files, but here is a simple python script I have written one night I wasn't smart enough to search well. It adjusts time on srt files. Oh, and if you are on Windows try JetAudio media player which is very good in this task ( to ...
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at svn land everything is nice except when you start to conflict and see lines like <<<<<<<<<<<<​​​​​mineinyourfiles.thenit's time to read this nice manual over svn If you get a conflict, you need to do one of three things: Merge the conflic...
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perl: warning: Setting locale failed.perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:       ​LANGUAGE = (unset),        LC_ALL = (unset),        LANG = "en_US.UTF-8" &n...
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It's hard to remember all those linux commands1.to exclude a directory from svn control svn propset svn:ignore '*' dir_name/ Quick Start: Here we’l present quick start examples explained. Create linux tar gz (Gzip) archive tar -czvf myarchive.tgz mydirectory/ We use the -t option to ...
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Το grep δεν πεθαίνει !Το χρησιμοποιούμε ακόμα στο linux , και στο desktop , και αναγκαστικά όταν το μονο που έχουμε είναι command line interface.Βέβαια μέχρι στιγμής εγώ έκανα&nbsp; grep -R something *και έψαχνε και στα απο κάτω directories.Ti γίνεται όμως όταν θες να ψάξεις recursively (αναδρομ...