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from thk thk on 2009-05-23 01:45 tags linux , angry with computer
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On my desktop the pc that I also work , nowadays I run linux mint 6.Now that I remember the first linux I installed , suse 9.0 back in 2003 , it seems to me that things were not so buggy then. The thing is with this new (maybe it is now more than one year old ) sound system pulseaudio... Since it w...
from thk thk on 2008-12-30 16:06 tags angry with computer
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I am trying to send a greetings email to many recipients from Thunderbird.What a nice adventure in the open source world.And i thought thunderbird was a nice program. But this is why I am not a heavy email user. Don't keep lists , dont send emails to lists e.t.c. .Only the basics.1. The first annoym...
from thk thk on 2008-11-25 14:58 tags linux , angry with computer
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Isn't it spastic when an application can do only complex things and not the simple ones?This the case when importing photos to linux. As usual we have 2 dominant applications, one for gnome (f-spot) and on for KDE (digikam). Why linux developers don't copy some things from windows XP? In windows XP ...