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from thk thk on 2009-09-14 13:02 tags python , programming , madpy , javascript
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Forget all the rest.I did not know then or I have not figured .use CDATA declarations if you want to include html in xml.Its so simple..On of the most common things xml is used today is in ajax. Ajax is a method to make a request to an http server through javascript and stands for Asychronous Javasc...
from thk thk on 2008-05-21 03:19 tags javascript , programming , madpy
wait..Voting.. bad good
If you have visited a blog in kaotonik before, you may have noticed , that few days ago, a read more link was added at the bottom of every blog item , and the the item showed clipped.This is the 'read more' functionality I had been planning to add.But as I am lazy programmer Ι ended up with very gyp...