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wait..Voting.. bad good
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Αποδείξεις μαζευετε? και αν ναι που τις βαζετε?Σας αρεσει , την βρισκετε?Ή τσαντιζεστε?Ποια η αποψη σας περι του θεματος των αποδειξεων ?Ευχαριστουμε Πολυ.(σημειωση : το παραπανω αποτελει θέμα φορουμ/συζητησης και πρπει ολοι να γραψουνε την αποψη τους για να μη υποστούν επιπλεον φόρο.)
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wait..Voting.. bad good
I am movin my server and so I ended up doing the marvelous task of moving mail too.And this way as I am very security conscious I realized I had over 3000 emails in the root user emailing from Cron for various tasks he had been performing.Although I was aware of the cron system spam and had redirect...
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wait..Voting.. bad good
Kaotonik is a tonik for kaos and random thought. It provides blogging facilities , chat , and a new form of communication medium. All software running here is made by pure ingredients . Specifically it is madpy,openroom ,and radiocracy our beloved radio application. People can...