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wait..Voting.. bad good
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Amsterdam Wall Piece is finished 

How pleasing it was when the seemingly nice bloke who lives at  Prinsengracht No.70 allowed TLP to adorn the facade of his building with a choice black and white image of a totempole lad being constructed by a Bob Gibson robot. How displeasing then, when on the fourth day, the Amsterdam Gemeente (city council) officials arrived and politely told us we needed extra permission to paint any building in the city centre. They kindly allowed us to finish the characters but we were not allowed to make a start on any further background etc. The case is currently under review with the city council whether to keep the painting. They must decide whether normal everyday human beings would prefer to see a  considered art mural or a banal grey wall which serves as a breeding ground for weak graffiti and posters advertising drug fuelled house music events where DJs spin other peoples shit records.

απ'τα νέα στην ιστοσελίδα τους, όπου έπεσα τυχαία γυρίζοντας, τους λένε TLP (The London Police)
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pragmatika yparxoun poly wraia graffiti kai exw skeftei polles fores oti tha htan (mallon) poly wraio oi toixoi spitiwn kai polykatoikiwn na eixan anti gia ena aplo (synhthws mounto) xrwma na eixan ena wraio graffiti. vevaia to wraio einai kati ypokeimeniko, alla se genikes grammes tha htan kati diaforetiko. apo thn allh omws skepsou ti tha evlepe to mati mas, an o kathenas zwgrafize oti eixe sto kefali tou...
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εγω βλεπω εφιαλτη συχνα πυκνα οτι ειμαι πισω στο στρατο.
Αν ηξερα πως ητανε ο στρατος δε πηγαινα τρελοχαρτο θα παιρνα.
Ειδα και ενα πρωην στρατηγο που μενει απεναντι και του το πα.

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ki egw re file, xypnaw idrwmenos apo tis kampies sto kavouri. KATARAMENES KAMPIES!!!